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Home improvement purchases are often unplanned, and homeowners do not always have the funds available to make these major investments. By utilizing flexible monthly payments (with no down payment and no/low interest options), these purchases become more affordable and can be made based on desire, not budget. Let us help you afford the best, most valuable and cost-effective garage door solution.

Here is brief outline of our available financing options (available on purchases in excess of $2500).


  • Option 1a: For Loan amounts $2500 - $9999: 
    • No Down Payment w/ Low Interest (9.95%) over 60 months
  • Option 1b: For Loan amounts $10000+:
    • No Down Payment w/ Low Interest (8.95%) over 60 months
Admin Fee: (Financing Co.): A $39.95 admin fee applies to both above options – this will be on customers (financees) first monthly payment.


  • Option 2: For Loan amounts $2500+ :
    • No Down Payment w/ No Interest (0%) over 12 months
Admin Fee (Financing Co.): A $39.95 admin fee applies to the above option – this will be on the customers (financees) first monthly payment. In addition, there is an initial fee equal to 5.25% of the purchase total for the No Down Payment / No Interest Option – to be paid separately and prior to door ordering.

If you are interested in pursuing any of the above financing options, please kindly click on the link below to apply.


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