Total Peace of Mind Residential Plan (Maintenance & Savings Subscription) for as little as $15/mth

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$391.50 $180.00

The Total Peace of Mind Service & Savings Plan (Residential) for as little as $15 per month. 

Base plan price is for one residential door package (includes one operator of applicable). Plans for multiple residential doors (at same address) available. 

Main Product Includes:

Garage door package (and operator if applicable) maintenance, servicing and safety check twice annually (visit duration 30 minutes and to occur during regular GDD business hours). Present retail value for two separate service visits $391.50 ($195.75 per visit X 2). 

Exclusive Plan (Value Added) Inclusions:

  • 25% OFF parts and weather-stripping (perimeter and bottom) on scheduled residential service visits. Value can vary (can certainly add up)! 
  • 10% OFF New Doors & Operator Pkgs (including accessories) following 12 months enrollment. For when the time comes.
  • Priority Dispatch (during regular business hours) if emergent needs arise.
  • 100% transferable to new address if you move within our service area. Can also used to check out your new home.

Some Restrictions Apply:

  • Base plan price is for one residential door package (includes one operator of applicable) - unless a plan for multiple residential doors (at same address) has been purchased.  
  • This plan applies to residential doors and residential operators only (shops, outbuildings, etc. are not included).
  • Service visit scheduling to be coordinated by GDD staff when technicians are in clients general area.
  • If door, door hardware, door parts/accessories, etc. have incurred physical damage, retail hourly service rates would apply.
  • Plan is not transferable to other people (others would have to subscribe).
  • Annual price changes subject to change due to inflation/etc. (notice prior to renewal would be provided).
  • Subscription plans are billed annually (annual amount non-refundable if one or initial visit has already occurred).
  • Subscription plans automatically renew annually. For plan cancellations, 30 days written notice is required.
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