Torsion Springs for Garage Doors (Standard Residential)


The Garage Door Depot of Calgary offers a range of garage door torsion springs to replace broken or worn out springs in an existing door assembly. Pricing here is on our the most common residential springs. Typically Torsion Springs are needed and replaced in pairs (especially on double car doors).

Note: All sales on Torsion Springs are a FINAL.

Note: Springs outside of these measurements would require a quick quotation, so if you’re looking for more information, please call us at (403) 366-7911.

  • All Springs are rated for an industry standard minimum lifecycle of 10,000 cycles 
  • Left and Right Hand Wound Springs available - Select the option needed below
  • Springs come with winding and stationary cones installed 
  • Coated & oil tempered wire

Tips and Best Practices for DIY Replacement

While we recommend torsion spring replacement be left to professional installers, you can replace the spring(s) yourself with the right tools, technical expertise, and a bit of elbow grease.

BEST PRACTICE: It is certainly best practice to change both/all springs above a door when one has been compromised or has broken. The reasoning behind this is that all of the springs have performed the same amount of work (same open/close cycles) that the damaged spring has and are most likely close to breaking down themselves. Moreover, it is dangerous to wind an old spring.

TIPS: A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Before ordering, measure your broken spring(s) wire gauge, inner diameter, and overall length (coils only) when in a relaxed (unwound) state.
  • Our springs have a 2" Inner Diameter (if perhaps your springs have an inner diameter of 1 3/4", please use our "How to Measure Your Replacement Torsion Springs" to help you determine the correct replacement springs. Replacement spring(s) must match broken spring(s) measurements or be converted to mathematical equivalents.
  • Winding rods are highly recommended and available for purchase, although we strongly recommend that torsion springs be professionally installed for safe operation and longevity of product.

How to Select Your Replacement Garage Door Springs

  1. Measure 20 coils to determine spring wire gauge (see the guide in the product images above)
  2. Measure the internal diameter of the coil (from inside to inside of coil)
  3. Measure end of coil to end of coil length on an unwound/relaxed spring (not including the end cones) to determine correct replacement spring length (keep in mind that the spring length can be off marginally and the door should still balance nicely)
  4. Reference our "How to Measure Your Replacement Torsion Springs" for further clarification.

Contact us at any time if you need further assistance or information about your torsion springs, or if you’d to have them professionally replaced by our experienced technicians. Please kindly remember all sales on torsion springs are a final sale.

Get in touch with us by phone at (403) 366-7911 or by email at

Need a hand with installation?

We can help! Call us at (587)328-1720, email us at, or visit our services page to learn more.

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